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Whisbear The Humming Bear with CRYSensor function


Brand Whisbear
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The colour of noise matters
The type and tone of the sound guarantee Whisber - The Humming Bear's effectiveness and safety®. A device emitting pink noise reminds the child of sounds known from fetal life.
Humming Bear Whisbear® emits pink noise which is more delicate and pleasing in sound than white noise. It allows you to mask other sounds that can wake up your child and helps fall asleep while being completely safe.
Intelligent CRYsensor function analyzes surrounding sounds and is sensitive to baby crying, allowing Whisbear® to automatically switch on only when required.
How does it work, exactly? After 40 minutes of shushing, Whisbear®gradually quietens and switches to stand-by mode. At this time the sleeping baby enters the deep sleep state. When Whisbear® detects crying or the waking child's nervous movements, it reacts with soothing hushing and after next 20 minutes of work it goes into the stand-by mode again.
Whisbear® made from ecological, safe, high-quality fabric with Oeko-Tex®. It can become your Little One's companion on the first day of their lives. It has been approved by the Mother and Child Institute and it has TÜV International Safety Certificate.

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