Tulip Linea Cover for Changer Mattress

$70.00 $52.50

Brand Tulip

The cover is crafted from soft, durable high quality cotton and features a waterproof inner coating that prevents fluids from leaking into the fabric and down into the pad. A long zip makes it quick and easy to remove the cover and change it again and again. It's possible to purchase additional covers for the changing mat so you can easily change the cover to have new colours and styles whenever you want. The Linea by Leander® changing mat cover brings colour to the sculptural Linea by Leander® changing table.

  • 100% cotton / Inside coating: 100% polyurenthane
  • Eco-Tex® 100 approved textiles
  • Can be machine washed at 60 degrees and tumble dried
  • Easily removable with zip

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