Substance Leg & Back Cream

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Brand Substance
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Feel comfortable in your own skin

With the added weight that baby brings, pressure builds on the lower limbs. Swollen and tired legs, back, ankles, and feet quickly follow. This Leg + Back Cream by Substance is an invigorating lotion to help you feel light on your feet again. A botanical infusion in a skin-softening base of castor oil and evening primrose oil scented with exotic herbs and spices -- the result is pure bliss!

This Cream also contains chamomile flowers, ginger root, yarrow flowers soya bean oil, shea butter, tocopherol (vitamin E), arnica extract, st john's wort extract, emulsifying wax, deionized water, xanthan gum, dill, basil, black pepper, lemongrass & rosemary essential oils. 120 ml.

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