Posh n' Plush Nursing Pillow

The dual use nursing pillow

Whether you are pregnant or already have that babe in arms, from feeding to tummy time, the Posh and Plush Nursing Pillow has many uses for both mom and baby. Being pregnant can be uncomfortable, but now you can rest well and give your growing tummy the support it needs when using this nursing pillow as a body pillow. Once your little one is born, relieve those aches and pains that come along from hours of snuggles and feeding. But it doesn't end there, this luxurious minky pillow is also great for tummy time and new sitters as well as older children when they need a cozy place to read or relax.

This is a favourite pregnancy and nursing pillow because it can be used for many years beyond nursing. When breastfeeding is done, this pillow continues to be a lovely addition to a children's room, family room or on the bed. The Posh and Plush Nursing Pillow doesn't "look" like a nursing pillow so it won't stand out in your own home decor. The options of what to do with your pillow after pregnancy are limitless!

Why parents love them!


  • Pregnancy body pillow, nursing and breastfeeding pillow and a lovely addition to any nursery, this nursing pillow does it all.
  • Helps properly position baby for any breastfeeding hold.
  • Size and shape supports elbows and shoulders for ultimate comfort during nursing.
  • Amazingly soft and supportive, this gorgeous nursing pillow is shaped to work well with women of all sizes as a maternity sleeping pillow during pregnancy or nursing after birth.
  • Great for C-section moms that don't want pressure again the incision area.
  • Cozy and comfortable maternity sleeping pillow that can be used for many years after pregnancy.
  • Removable, washable covers.
  • Soft, luxurious covers with no flame retardant chemicals used.
  • Made in Canada and the USA.

 The Posh 'n' Plush Nursing Pillow supports mom and baby for ideal positioning for breastfeeding. Great to use also as a support for sleeping during pregnancy. Pillow comes with amazing removable designer plush fabric cover.

The pillow cover is made of 100% polyester fabric and is machine washable. The pillow itself is V shape and measures a generous 32 inches from end to end. Proud to say the pillow form is Canadian made, consisting of 100% polyester fibres and is machine wash on gentle, cool cycle and dry also gentle, cool!

Other great features of the Posh 'n' Plush pillow include: comfortable fit to accommodate twins, eliminates back and neck strain and pillow can also be used as a support for bottle feeding.