OXO Grape Cutter

Safety First!

Grapes can be high-risk choking hazards for children, but cutting whole grapes into smaller pieces helps. However, halving grapes is only half the battle. Quartering is better -- the shape and smaller size of the quartered pieces make them less likely to get stuck in a child's windpipe. But there's no need to painstakingly slice everything with a knife -- the BPA-free OXO Tot Grape Cutter offers a faster, easier and safer way to quarter grapes.


  • Quarters grapes or grape tomatoes in an easy, one-handed motion
  • Perfect for grapes, pitted olives and grape tomatoes
  • Serrated blades quarter quickly, easily and safely
  • Perfect for chicken salad, sangria, fruit salad, salsa and more
  • Curved finger rests provide comfort while cutting
  • Cover snaps on for safe storage