Substance Newborn Baby Kit

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Brand Substance
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The perfect kit to welcome baby into the world

A 4-piece gift set to meet newborn baby’s skin care needs.

This set includes:

  • HERBAL HUG BABY OIL 30 ml / 1 oz
  • BABY BODY FOAM 60 mL / 2 oz
  • NAPPY OINTMENT 28 g/ 1 oz
  • TUMMY EASE DIGESTIVE TEA 13 g / .40 oz 
USE FOR: All-over moisturizer, massage, after bath oil, scalp oil for baby.

*New* Tummy Ease Digestive Tea: Help for uneasy tummies is sips away with this great-tasting blend of organic herbs known for their soothing and carminative qualities. Relaxing, this tea also offers calming respite for new mom stresses.

USE FOR: Calming support for healthy digestion, relaxing tea blend for the nursing mom.

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