Nest Design Fresh Forest Quilt

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For the coldest of nights, consider adding our new Fresh Forest print 3.2 TOG (200g) quilted bamboo winter baby blanket to your child’s room for extra warmth. Our winter quilted baby blanket is made from our ultra soft unique bamboo blended material and is the premier choice for baby blankets for winter time. This toddler size baby security blanket (larger than crib size, smaller than twin size) also comes with Sorona fill, a very soft plant-based fibre that is also resilient to everyday use. As a parent, you can rest assured that your little one will sleep soundly through the night with the extra warmth and comfort the toddler quilt will provide.

– Unique quilting design
– Filled with eco-efficient Sorona® fibres
– Approx. 3.2 TOG
– Extra warmth level
70% rayon from bamboo/30% cotton blended front, 100% cotton back 100% Sorona® fill

SIZING: 145cm x 180cm (57″ x 70″) – Toddler Size