Munchkin Puck


Brand Munchkin

Give your sense peace-of-mind

When you grab an extra lavender-scented baking soda cartridge, which works with both the Munchkin STEP (model number 15901) and PAIL (model number 15900) diaper pails, you are refershing your senses. Every PUCK cartridge comes packed with a punch of lavender-scented baking soda, powered by Arm and Hammer. Whenever you're not using your STEP or PAIL diaper pail, fear not. PUCK works while the pails' lids are closed to ensure everything remains fresh and free of unwanted odors. It's recommended that you replace PUCK every 60-90 days for best results, and it can even be used beyond the pail.

  • Pre-filled deodorizing disc with Arm and Hammer lavender-scented baking soda
  • Compatible with the STEP (model number 15901) and PAIL (model number 15900) diaper pails (not compatible with the original diaper pail, model number 10600)
  • Replace every 60-90 days for freshest results
  • Can be used almost anywhere, in garbage cans, diaper bags, and more!

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