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Lil' Sidekick Universal Soother Strap

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Stuck like glue 

Lil' ones don't discriminate when it comes to items they throw.
That is why Lil'Sidekick was designed to be versatile enough to secure any item from a small crayon, to a large stuffed animal. Quickly attaches to a stroller,car seat, high chair,baby carrier, grocery cart, and more! Lil' Sidekick, is also the only toy saver made of an FDA-approved material that makes it easy to clean on-the-go, is dishwasher safe, and is great for your lil' teether! 

  • Use anywhere. Secure one end around any object and the other end to a car seat, highchair, stroller, or anything else.
  • Safe material. Made of a safe, FDA-approved rubber material, so there's no need to worry if the Lil' sidekick becomes your child's new favorite teether.
  • Customizable length. Easily adjust the length of the Lil' Sidekick to fit any need, anywhere.
  • Cleans easily. Sometimes, life's a mess. Simply wipe the Lil' Sidekick clean or stick it in the dishwasher and you and your child are good to go!

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