Hazle Wood Baby Necklaces

The natural teething solution

Hazelwood appears to work by creating a more alkaline environment in your body through direct contact with your skin, which may help to prevent and remedy many of the symptoms caused by acidosis (being too acidic) and by reducing free-radicals by having a high antioxidant effect through your pores.* It is believed that the wood absorbs excess acidity from your body until a balanced PH is reached. This has the potential to improve conditions caused by excess acidity, which can include skin issues such as eczema, as well as internal issues such as ulcers, acid reflux, heartburn, and teething pain.  

  • Effective in reducing acid-based ailments and symptoms, such as eczema, acid-reflux, and teething pain. Must be placed directly on the skin and worn 24/7
  • Made with nylon-coated steel wire, Baltic amber, decorative natural hematite beads, and silver plated nickel clasp (lobster style opening)
  • Slight variations in the size, color, and shape of the Baltic amber.  Slight variations in the diameter and color of the hazelwood beads.  These are handmade, length is within 1/2 inch
  • Keep away from pool chemicals or other acidic environments (remove when swimming).  Avoid direct contact with lotions or creams if possible, do not wear in bath or shower if using shampoo, conditioner, or other soap products.  Keep amber beads away from oils, clean with water.  Soak in water for a few minutes each day