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Babymoov Mum and Baby Maternity Cushion

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Perfectly suited to the future mom's comfort and to baby's first months, mom & b is the first compact, adaptable maternity pillow. It is easy compact to bring it to work, friends or anywhere you go. Filled with microbeads for greater comfort and shape, it is used during pregnancy to comfort moms-to-be and after baby's birth to while nursing. When teamed up with the dream belt, you will have the perfect combination for even greater comfort. The changing body shape of moms-to-be may cause pregnancy-related discomfort while sleeping, back ache, restless sleep. As part of babymoon's live open innovation process, we have developed a brand new range of one-of-a-kind products to ease their aches and pains and bring them well-being and tranquility: 9 months of b. And to satisfy the specific needs of moms-to-be, we have worked in consultation with the healthcare professionals who know them best: midwives and doctors. Their professional approval, at each stage of development, helped us to devise truly innovative solutions that we are bringing to you through this new range. - additional covers are available (sold separately) to customize the mom & b pillow - cover is removable can be washed warm - it can also be combined with the dream belt sleep support. As trust is the must-have factor in baby equipment, BABYMOOV is committed to offering safe, quality products, all certified by independent laboratories. And babymoon's lifetime warranty on all its products vouches for this.
  • Ultimate support and comfort: this pillow features a luxurious soft cotton fabric filled with microbeads for optimum positioning, comfort and support
  • Unique shape makes it versatile: whether used in between your legs while asleep, behind your back while seating or as a nursing pillow, the mom and b is the perfect cushion for all your needs
  • Perfect size makes it portable: with its perfect size (22 x 12-inch ) and carry bag included, this pillow is compact and easy to travel everywhere you go
  • Converts into a nursing pillow: multi-position able, it is perfectly suited to all feeding positions, whether breast or bottle-feeding
  • Easy to wash: removable machine-washable cover makes it very easy to always keep the mom and b pillow clean. Separate covers can also be bought separately

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