Babysoy Solid Socks

The socks you and the environment will love!

BabySoy clothing is made from soybean fibre which is a sustainable and botanical textile fiber made from renewable and biodegradable natural resources like the leftover soybean pulp from tofu and soymilk production. Soybean fiber is also full of amino acids which are great for baby's skin.


  • Organic cotton and soy fibre
  • Pre washed
  • Machine wash and dry
  • All soybeans are non-GMO (genetically modified organism) beans and are not treated or exposed to chemical pesticides during storage.
  • Cotton used to blend is long-staple cotton also known as Sea-Island cotton from Xinjiang, China
  • BabySoy products are fairly-made in a safe working environment. Co-founders personally conducts unannounced factory inspection at least 4 times a year