Aston Baby Jericho Shoes


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Made with soft suede upper and soft suede sole with an additional leather insert for the padded sole. Here are some more reasons why we love the Jericho Shoe

Opens wide and closes tight

We tested several types of laces, fasteners and stretchy bands to get the best way for these shoes to stay on little feet. In the end, it was getting the shape of the shoe right that made them stay on the best. We have designed them to have a tongue that opens out wide so you have lots of room putting them on, and then ties up tight closer to the ankles so they stay put. We recommend trying a double know so littles can’t untie them, and they still look classic and stylish!

Classic design

Our guiding principles are still to be classic and heirloom with styles that can last generations and these shoes hold up to that! As a mom, I always found finding classic, simple styles hard and we are here to cater to those who just want simple beauty.

What’s in the name?

We live in Vancouver, British Columbia and there are so many neighbourhoods that are beautiful in their own way. Jericho has my favourite beach where you can just be in the beauty of nature and see the city in the distance. It is natural, beautiful and and pretty laid back, which are some of my favourite qualities of the Jericho shoe too!

Colour: Navy

Sizing is as follows:

0 – 6 months: 11 cm

6 – 12 months: 12 cm

12 – 18 months: 13 cm

18 – 24 months: 14 cm


Please take these shoes off before putting littles ones to bed or down for a nap. Laces are fun to play with only but only while adults are around.

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