Amber Teething Aids


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Natural teething remedies 

Amber is not a stone or mineral but get this it’s actually fossilized tree ‘juice’…not sap but a thick liquid that turns into a transparent solid that has succinic acid (this is the magic) in it . Amber is a natural pain reliever that has been used for centuries. It warms up against babes skin and releases its healing medicine‘magic’- a natural anti-inflammatory.  It is also great to help amp up the immune system to fight off other common infections.

Used for centuries, this Baltic amber has been used to relieve pain from teething to arthritis. These small necklaces perfect for children, provide a beautiful and natural solution for pain relief during the teething process. These necklaces are not meant for little teeth to chomp on, but rather be worn snugly around baby's skin, allowing their body to naturally warm the amber.


  • Please note: because all natural Baltic amber is used, product is assorted in colour
  • Wipe with a damp cloth to clean


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