Scaredy Squirrel


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Take a ride with a determined squirrel

Read along as scaredy squirrel has to conquer his fears, explore new exciting places and embark on new adventures! These books examine all kinds of tops that will help your little ones!

  • Watts conveys a difficult theme ? with an energetic playfulness ? (Scaredy Squirrel is) a masterful balance of charm, comedy and serious realism
  • The bold, inviting compositions ... and paint-box colors ? add energy
  • With his iconic nervous grin and over-the-top punctiliousness, Scaredy Squirrel is an endearing character
  • Readers of any age will chuckle with recognition at the squirrel’s attempts to control his life
  • Bound to win over its readers, parent and child, at the outset with its wry wit
  • Youngsters will go nuts over this one


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