AllerGo Kit Bag


Brand AllerGo
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Provides safety and peace of mind of families living with allergic or sick children. This medical kit/organizer allows you to gather everything you need in one place and be ready to save a life at any time!


Main Features

• It has a large pouch that can hold an inhalation chamber and a removable insulated pouch that protects self-injected adrenaline or medication from temperature variations.

• The two AllerGo Kit pockets have a visible location where you can insert an ID card (included) and write emergency information on it.

• Inside the large pocket you can also insert the Health Insurance Card so that it is always with the owner of the kit.

• The insulating bag is held securely in place with hidden magnets.

• Possibility to carry the insulating bag on you, which is useful when children go out with their friends.

• Four attractive colours allowing to differentiate the bag of each of the family members.


Multi-purpose kit

The AllerGo Kit can be worn in three convenient ways: backpack, waist and shoulder strap



Size : 24 cm x 19 cm x 8 cm / 8” x 6” x 3”

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