Flatbox Ice Pack 4Pk


Brand Flatbox
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Want a guarantee that your food will be refreshing and cold? Store this ice pack in your FlatBox neoprene lunch bag!


  • These coolers keep your food warm without the mess that ice leaves when it melts.
  • These ice coolers are BPA-free and non-toxic.
  • You can use these coolers over and over again — just stick them in the freezer until they’re nice and cold!

We are proud of the natural insulating qualities that our FlatBox lunch bags provide. Made of 100% neoprene material, our FlatBox products keep your food warm or cool for a substantial period of time. Still, if your FlatBox is going to spend a lot of time out in the sun, the natural insulation might not be enough, which is why these ice coolers are handy! Put these in the freezer to get them cool, and they’ll keep your bag cold for hours.


  • BPA-Free and Non-Toxic
  • Four Coolers Per Pack
  • Blue, Green, Orange, and Pink

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